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The Nibble Big 10 is Formed!

Deep in the heart of the brutal land of "Pencil-Vania", exists an immortal Coach known only as "Joe."  He looks out over the ominous mountains that surround 
his valley, searching for the Coach who one day might claim his throne.  His team of Lions have dominated the land for as long as anyone can remember, besting all challengers on the Blood Bowl pitch.  But the winds of change are sweeping across these hills, and a new band of Coaches hope to stake their claim on this title... Lord of these mountains, King of the Lions!     Welcome to the Nittany Blood Bowl League (NiBBL)!

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Season 1: Championship Recap

Lots of changes over the holidays! New leagues, new coaches, new craziness! Here's the closure to our very first Championship in the Season 1 League you've all been waiting for!

When last we blogged for Season 1, Week 8 had just wrapped up and the Emperor's Finest had a commanding lead! Despite a rocky finish to the season (a 2-1 loss to Da Bloody Teef Boyz and a 2-2 tie against the Rumbling Ents) the skilled Human team was awarded the inaugural Nittany Blood Bowl Championship with 22 points! Da Basher's Orcs certainly made the chase interesting, but early season adjustments left them just off the pace with 20 points. Coach Lawnmower and the Knights of Flowers dodged his way to 3rd place with an impressive 18 points. The Halfling team the Rumbling Ents finished 4th with a respectable 14 points. But their season was absolutely MADE by their week 10 draw versus the Champion! Finishing 5th were the Sewer City Anklebiters with 9 points. The slippery Skaven were truly just coming into a frightening form and would have been a nightmare in the Cup stage! Speaking of nightmares, rounding out the league were those pesky blood sucking Vampires the Counts De Monay with 3 points who look to rebound during the chase for the Tournament Cup!

But now it's time to move on. Sadly, Coach Meglodon and Coach Lawnmower are temporarily withdrawing from the league. But meh, we're over it! We've got new coaches we have to welcome! Coach Xbeaker will step in with his Undead Team Mr. Spikey and the Gang. Also joining the league is Coach Zettal and his rough and tumble Orc team Grrr ooo.. puppie! Both the Emperor's Finest and Da Bloody Teef Boyz will remain to continue their intense rivalry, and as previously mentioned, the Vampire team will remain to creep the rest of us out! The Rumbling Ents will step aside to allow Coach Larkstar to enter the Elf team the Wingmen. So stay tuned for updates from this exciting league!

And Congratulations to Coach Robu and his Emperor's Finest. "For the Emperor!"

Season 1: Week 8

Just two weeks left in the Championship! Even though the Emperor's Finest has the top spot of this stage wrapped up, there is still plenty to play for! Unless your Halflings, and then you are just playing not to die! Onto the weekly recap!

The Emperor's Finest played perhaps their best game of the year against the skillful High Elves. The 3 to 0 victory assured the Human's the Championship title, while the Knights of Flowers long run in second place (along with their team resilience) has ended. The Flowers (I can't rightly call them "knights" now can I?) took a trifecta of injuries and will be greatly weakened for their next game. Still, the honorable (fine!) Knights will not wilt so easily!

In our second game, we were given proof that the untimely demise of the Skaven contingent has been greatly exaggerated! The Sewer City Anklebiters avenged a damaging 4 to 0 loss earlier in the season by racing to a 3 to 0 victory of their own against the Count De Monays. The Vampires still have a shot to climb out of the basement over the last two weeks, but their chances are about as bright and colorful as their skin tones!

The last game of the week was an absolute brutal affair between the Halflings and the Orcs. This match was a back-and-forth slug fest capped by an incredible long pass by Da Bloody Teef Boyz on turn 16 to score the games' only touchdown! With the 1 to 0 victory, the Orcs moved into 2nd place in the Championship. Meanwhile, the Rumbling Ents were forced to retire their fleet-footed friend Fosco. The famed Halfling once stood up to an Orc Blitzer and killed the vile beast! But alas, he was not strong enough to stand up to them a second time. The Orcs have had their revenge, and smashed the poor fellow's ankle. Sadly, he has played his last game of Blood Bowl. But don't fret for Fosco, as he returns to his people a hero! A hero with a limp... and lots of scars... and is mostly insane due to the horrible nightmares... So never mind, he is a shell of his former self and will live out his final days drooling all over himself and being a burden to his family and friends. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Blood Bowl!

Week 9 is up, and one can only hope the injuries continue to pile up! The Orcs will attempt to harness their momentum for their match against the powerful Human team. Do the Emperor's Finest still have anything left to play for, or will they cower at the sight of the fierce Boyz? The Rats and the Halflings are next up on the docket. The Anklebiters are always a threat to run up the score, but the Rumbling Ents have renewed hope with the return of Deeproot Strongbranch! Last but not least, the Knights of Flowers will face the Count De Monays in a game where both coaches are in desperate need of a win. The Vampires have lots of bodies to throw at the High Elves, but all those fancy skills will be hard to overcome.

I have only one thing left to write... Excelsior!


Season 1: Week 7

Helloooooooo Coaches!

Week 7 is history, and we have some exciting matches to recap. The Rumbling Ents once again cooked up a victory over the Count De Monays by a score of 2 to 0. However, the Vampire Lords caused yet another Halfling death! He was brave, he was valiant, and even though we can't remember what his name was, he will be remembered fondly.

The Emperor's Finest gained their revenge against the Sewer City Anklebiters for the only blemish on their record with a 2 to 0 victory. This late in the season, I'm not sure anyone can catch the slippery Humans for the top seed. But the Skaven have themselves the clear cut all-star of the league in their remarkable Thrower Slingclaw! There's still enough time for those stinky rats to do some damage!

Finally, the battle of the Coaches Moe! Once again, this game did not disappoint the fans and saw each team score 1 touchdown for a crowd-pleasing draw. These two teams are headed on a collision course in the playoffs, where there can be only ONE! That's right, I threw out a Highlander reference!

Week 8 is upon us, and it's going to be an amazing finish before our tournament begins! The Vampires will try and sink their fangs into the speedy Rats. Ratatouille anyone? The Knights of Flowers take aim on the pious Humans who gave the High Elves their only loss back in week 3. Then the match everyone has been waiting for, the epitome of evil vs. good... large vs. small... favorite vs. underdog... Orcs. vs Halflings!

To the pain! That's right, a Princess Bride reference! This reporter is EN FUEGO!

Good luck next week!

Season 1: Week 6

Week 6 marked the first of five weeks of rematches! But while revenge was on everyone's mind, there was little to be had. The Emperor's Finest pulled out a 3 to 2 win over The Count De Monay's with a last minute Hail Mary. You have to believe that the eye of Nuffle will shift it's gaze off the Vampires at some point.

Meanwhile, Da Bloody Teef Boyz ran their way to a 2 to 0 victory over the Sewer City Anklebiters. The score was identical to their Week 1 matchup, which seems to favor the hard hitting Orcs. Will the Rats get another shot to display their speed against these Orcs in the playoffs?

In the last game of the week, the Knights of Flowers and the Rumbling Ents played to a hard fought 1 to 1 tie. This was certainly a tale of two different halves, with each team spending a considerable amount of time feeling the wrath of Nuffle!

The standings remained unchanged from week 5 and it looks as if every team escaped any horrible injuries. The majority of teams look to be developing nicely, but everyone is just a star player death away from complete and utter turmoil! So keep those apoths close by as we head to week 7! The Rumbling Ents will hope the Count De Monay's luck stays at bay for one more week. The Emperor's Finest are hoping to avenge their only loss of the season (and a brutal, brutal loss it was!) against the Sewer City Anklebiters. Finally, Da Bloody Teef Boys and the Knights of Flowers will resume their deadlocked struggle from week 5, and hopefully decide once and for all is it better to look manly or to look pretty?

Let's get it on!

Season 1: Week 5

Well boys and girls, we've made it to the half way point of the season. I know, I'm as surprised as you are!

The Rumbling Ents and The Counts De Monays kicked off the week with the Ents rolling to a 3 to 0 victory. The Halfling Chef cooked up a stew so attractive to the Vampire Lords that it distracted them to the tune of 4 lost rerolls. One can only imagine what or who was in that pot! Two Thralls were killed in the match, but did they really have that much of a life anyway?

The Knights of Flowers somehow pulled out a tie with Da Bloody Teef Boyz with what can only be described as the most awfully ridiculously hilarious play in the history of blood bowl! For those who did not witness the amazing sequence of events... Dropped Orc pass to a Goblin in the end zone bounces out of bounds... fans toss the ball back to the OTHER Orc thrower... Thrower runs forward to hand off the ball for a touchdown and the same Goblin FAILS to secure the ball... ball once again bounces to the fans who throw the ball BACK out of bounds to the fans on the other side of the pitch... those fans then throw the ball down the field just 4 squares from the Orc end zone!
The Elves got to the ball, secured it and expertly delayed to secure the tie! Thoroughly frustrating the Orc Coach who threatened to curb stomp any High Elves he could get to. A-mazing! (Sorry you had to relieve that Hank, but it truly was EPIC!)

But the biggest news of the week has to come from the match between the Sewer City Anklebiters and the Emperor's Finest. In a blood fest that caused 12 casualties, the righteous Humans have been knocked off their golden throne and are no longer undefeated! Still, you have to handle it to the Humans whose determination in the face of mass injuries kept the game close. The Anklebiters picked up a win they desperately needed as we begin the second leg of the season!

Speaking of the second leg, the push to the playoffs is now underway as we prepare for week 6! And it's re-match time from Week 1! The Ents will try to brew up some more luck against the Knights of Flowers who appear to have literally sold their sole to Chaos! The Vampires hope to suck (but not suck?) the life out of the Emperor's Finest. The Finest will be down a few men (again) as they recover from the rabies outbreak sustained from their last game! Finally, the streaking Rats (seriously, they don't wear any cloths!) look to avenge their first loss of the season against the up and down Orcs. Da Bloody Teef Boyz might straight up start murderizing people if they don't begin generating a few casualties. Anything goes for week 6! Best of luck.


Season 1: Week 4

Week 4 is now in the books! In what was probably the most thrilling game so far this season, the Knights of Flowers pulled out a 2 to 1 victory over the always exciting Sewer City Anklebiters! Balls were flying all over the place! The High Elves were really in their element... if you know what I mean!

Then there were the Humans and the Halflings. The Rumblings Ents managed to outscore the Emperor's Finest 1 to 0 in the second half! And that's all I'm going to say about that (Even though the final score show the Humans winning 3 to 1).

In the most brutal game of the week, Da Bloody Teef Boyz seem to have found a groove as they laid out a number of the Count de Monay's pale skinned Thralls. Still, the amazing Vampires remained competitive the entire match.

As we get set to kick off Week 5, the group leaders are starting to pull away from the bottom feeders. The Ratmen will look to turn around their season against the undefeated Humans, while the Orcs will try to maintain their momentum against the surprising Flower Children. Finally, the Count de Monays and the Rumbling Ents will look to settle the question on everyone's minds... who is THE most unlucky team!

Good luck everyone!

Season 1: Week 3 is in the books

It took 3 weeks, but everyone now has at least 1 win! Way to go coaches! The Count De Monays cruised to an impressive 4 to 0 win over the Sewer City Anklebiters. Unless I am mistaken, the Skaven team lost a player to a serious injury, while the Vampire stars struck gold!

The final game of the week saw the last two undefeated teams throw down. The Emperor's Finest pulled out a narrow 2 to 1 victory over the Knights of Flowers. The Emperor's Finest proved why they are the team to beat, but they also proved to be vulnerable! Three key injuries will force the Human coach to make some roster decisions for their next match. If it bleeds, we can kill it!!!

Most teams (sorry Hank) are starting to skill-up as we get into the middle of the season, which is just about the time your favorite players start dying! Those Apothocaries better be ready.

Up next, the Rumbling Ents will try to kick the Human's while they are down and take advantage of the Emperor's Finest playing down a Blitzer and without their star Catcher. But the undefeated Finest have momentum on their side! The Knights of Flowers will look to regain their winning ways against the Anklebiters. It'll be speed against speed in this showdown! Then the Vampires will look to take a bite out of the Orcs when they play Da Bloody Teef Boyz. Expect blood, blood and more blood for this match.

Good luck in week 4!

Season 1: Week 2/Week 3

Lots of ups and downs this week on the Blood Bowl Pitch!

The Sewer City Anklebiters ran all over the Rumbling Ents for a 3 to 1 victory. Though, a couple of throw-teammate maneuvers kept the game interesting! But ladies (Sean) and gentlemen, we had our first permanent death! Hob the Halfling is with us no more! The Anklebiters racked up an impressive 20 Start Player Points, and it was starting to look like the Halflings were giving away SPPs like they were candy!

But then Deeproot Strongbranch arrived on the scene for the Ents' next match! The Rumblings Ents used the extra muscle to pull out a deadly 1 to 0 victory over Da Bloody Teef Boyz. Both coaches were arranging funeral services after the match, though the death of a star Orc Blitzer was the outright tradegy! It seems the dark glare of Nuffle is fixed squarely on Da Boyz after two rough losses, and they will look to rebound in their next match against the Count De Monays in Week 4.

In the other match of the week, the Knights of Flowers used their passing game and solid zone coverage to defeat the Count De Monays 2 to 0. The Flowers continue to slurp up (Ha! Get it? Slurp? Up?... Bwhahahaha) all the Star Players Points and have an entire roster ready to jump in level! The Counts were betrayed by extremely ill-timed Blood Lusts that literally sucked away a chance at victory!

To finish up Week 3, the Count De Monays will face the Sewer City Anklebiters. And the Final game of Week 3 will pit the last two remaining undefeated teams against one another. The Emperor's Finest will attempt to prove their worth against the surprising Knights of Flowers. This game will probably be held next week in the Castle Christophe pit of dooooooooooom.


Season 1: Week 1/Week 2

Some crazy action in the Castle Christophe Arena last night!

The Knights of Flowers played an excellent game against The Rumbling Ents and managed to take a 1 to 0 win. Early newbie mistakes by the new Flower Coach did not result in any turnovers and the Ent Coach was unable to take advantage. The Flower Coach was a quick study and held the little Flings out of the end zone! The Flowers earned a league record 19 Star Player Points! But the Ents gained a big level for their star player Filibert.

In the second game (and to kick off Week 2), the Emperor's Finest pulled out a brutal 1 to 0 win over Da Bloody Teef Boyz. The mighty Orcs could not remove any of the sturdy Humans from the pitch, while the Emperor's Finest surely had Sigmar on their side. Good positioning was key to the win, and the Emperor's Finest look to be the team to beat, while the Boyz are down a key player for their next match!

Next up to finish Week 2 will be The Knights of Flowers vs The Count De Monays and The Rumbling Ents vs Sewer City Anklebiters.
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