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The Nibble Big 10 is Formed!

Deep in the heart of the brutal land of "Pencil-Vania", exists an immortal Coach known only as "Joe."  He looks out over the ominous mountains that surround 
his valley, searching for the Coach who one day might claim his throne.  His team of Lions have dominated the land for as long as anyone can remember, besting all challengers on the Blood Bowl pitch.  But the winds of change are sweeping across these hills, and a new band of Coaches hope to stake their claim on this title... Lord of these mountains, King of the Lions!     Welcome to the Nittany Blood Bowl League (NiBBL)!

Breaking News:

Season 2: Week 5

The results are in for the final 3 games from week 5! So let's get to the highlights!

In the match between the Dragon Horde and the Villians of Yore, there were absolutely no highlights! (See what I did right there?) Nada, zilch. This game was so boring, the match rating was only a 10 out of 20! When a computer is telling you that your games are dull and lifeless you know you've hit rock bottom. The game ended in a 0 - 0 tie, with the lone redeeming moment for the fans coming when the Lizardman coach decided to execute his own Skink Yoshi as a penance to the Blood Bowl god Nuffle! Was Coach Larkstar trying to motivate his players, or was he just pissed he couldn't score on a bunch of pale skinned emo-elves? Only time will tell. The Dark Elf coach wasn't able to hand the Lizards their first loss, but escaping from that field without any injures might be the jump start their team needs!

The Stirland Swamp Things paid a visit to Mr. Spikey and the Gang's crib for the next battle of the week (I got to write "crib" on the internets!). Mr. Spikey must have been in a particularly surly mood because he straight up murdered two of the Swamp Things players! The Nurgle squad, never one to back down from a good brawl, did a little curb stomping of their own! In the end, there were 10 total casualties and enough death and mayhem to please both Nuffle and the Allstate guy! Oh, and a few touchdowns were scored too. But who cares about the final score when there's so much destruction going on? The stats will read that the Undead got the win, but really, we are all winners from a match like this!

To close out the week, the Khemri and Orc teams faced off in a contest that more resembled a powderpuff girl game than a Blood Bowl match! Just 1 casualty and 1 touchdown? The coaches of the Ashen First (see image here) and Grrr ooo.. puppie (see image here) should be ashamed of themselves! The least they could have done was execute the fat girls! Still, a result is a result, and with this win the Ashen Fist is just 1 point behind the Dragon Horde for the Championship. Rumor has it the Orc team is growing more and more out of shape from all the puppy snacking they've been up to, and that the coach is pushing a Chiwawa-only diet until the team turns it around!

Week 6 sets up with some interesting matches. The Stirland Swamp Things take on the Villians of Yore in a game that is guaranteed to give one of these two coaches their first win! Unless they tie! Ummm... this game is guaranteed to be played... how's that for a guarantee? The Dragon Horde will meet Grr oo.. puppie in a flex off between the Sauri and the Black Orcs! There's nothing more attractive... I mean powerful looking than all those hot bodies... I mean strong, those strong players rubbing up against... I mean hitting each other! Mr. Spikey will host Ba-zerka in a very intriguing pitch battle. How will a team who loves to kill things do against a team that's already dead? Anyone else just get a mental picture of a bunch of bear-skin wearing Norsemen standing around scratching their heads? And finally, in the primetime match up of the week, the Woodland Rashes will visit the Ashen Fist. How well will those fragile Elves stand up to the mighty Khemri fists? And can the Khemri coach draw up a defense that can handle the Woods Elves' blazing speed? And why am I still thinking about Lizardman and Orc muscles?!?!?!

Just two more weeks to go before a Champion is named and we kick off the Tournament! Coaches will need to step up their game during these critical upcoming matches. A losing team is an angry team, and you don't want to be a coach of an angry team! You might get yourself killed... or worse, fired!
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