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The Nibble Big 10 is Formed!

Deep in the heart of the brutal land of "Pencil-Vania", exists an immortal Coach known only as "Joe."  He looks out over the ominous mountains that surround 
his valley, searching for the Coach who one day might claim his throne.  His team of Lions have dominated the land for as long as anyone can remember, besting all challengers on the Blood Bowl pitch.  But the winds of change are sweeping across these hills, and a new band of Coaches hope to stake their claim on this title... Lord of these mountains, King of the Lions!     Welcome to the Nittany Blood Bowl League (NiBBL)!

Breaking News:

Season 1: Week 6

Week 6 marked the first of five weeks of rematches! But while revenge was on everyone's mind, there was little to be had. The Emperor's Finest pulled out a 3 to 2 win over The Count De Monay's with a last minute Hail Mary. You have to believe that the eye of Nuffle will shift it's gaze off the Vampires at some point.

Meanwhile, Da Bloody Teef Boyz ran their way to a 2 to 0 victory over the Sewer City Anklebiters. The score was identical to their Week 1 matchup, which seems to favor the hard hitting Orcs. Will the Rats get another shot to display their speed against these Orcs in the playoffs?

In the last game of the week, the Knights of Flowers and the Rumbling Ents played to a hard fought 1 to 1 tie. This was certainly a tale of two different halves, with each team spending a considerable amount of time feeling the wrath of Nuffle!

The standings remained unchanged from week 5 and it looks as if every team escaped any horrible injuries. The majority of teams look to be developing nicely, but everyone is just a star player death away from complete and utter turmoil! So keep those apoths close by as we head to week 7! The Rumbling Ents will hope the Count De Monay's luck stays at bay for one more week. The Emperor's Finest are hoping to avenge their only loss of the season (and a brutal, brutal loss it was!) against the Sewer City Anklebiters. Finally, Da Bloody Teef Boys and the Knights of Flowers will resume their deadlocked struggle from week 5, and hopefully decide once and for all is it better to look manly or to look pretty?

Let's get it on!
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