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The Nibble Big 10 is Formed!

Deep in the heart of the brutal land of "Pencil-Vania", exists an immortal Coach known only as "Joe."  He looks out over the ominous mountains that surround 
his valley, searching for the Coach who one day might claim his throne.  His team of Lions have dominated the land for as long as anyone can remember, besting all challengers on the Blood Bowl pitch.  But the winds of change are sweeping across these hills, and a new band of Coaches hope to stake their claim on this title... Lord of these mountains, King of the Lions!     Welcome to the Nittany Blood Bowl League (NiBBL)!

Breaking News:

NiBBL Big Ten Week #1

The results from the first week of the NiBBL Big Ten are in! Definitely some good battles as coaches get accustomed to their new teams. For those who won or drew their match, congrats! But it's still a long season, so don't be too pleased with yourself. Nuffle is a fickle diety. For those who lost, well, you suck! There is no hope for you. Quit now while you still can! Let's move on to the match recaps!

In our first game of the week, Vampz in the Hood squared off against the Union in a prime time Sunday night matchup! But alas, the game was over almost as soon as it had begun. Early injuries to the Vampire team set the stage for a significant man disadvantage for the rest of the game. Then again the Union are all Elves, so they are at a "man" disadvantage all the time! But they certainly played like men on this day, inflicting five casualties and stymieing the Vampire attack! Coach Larkstar is even considering changing their team motto to, "We suck, so you don't have to." Final score was 2 - 0, and just like that, the Union are off to a great start.

Our first league death occurred in the next game between Butts_McCraken's and Riotous Rumblers! Star Rat Ogre Hitkut is one of only TWO players in the league who can say he has killed a player from every team he's played! Both Skaven and Chaos displayed strong running games leading to 2 touchdowns per side! Coach Zettal proved his mettle (that was too easy) by rallying his troops in the wake of Gish'tigor's tragic death to secure the draw! Congrats to Coach brtm5 for his very first result! And here's hoping someone puts the boot to that Rat Ogre before he tears up the rest of the league!

The next contest proved that the undead can absolutely be utterly killed once again! The Dark Elves from Evisceration of the Ran'K ran all over the Necromantic team Bedlam's Blackguard to win the day by the score of 4 - 1. But let's face it, how much "talent" does it take to run away from a Werewolf?!?! Despite the Necro's having a ball possession advantage of 49% to 42%, they just couldn't get their offense rolling. The Ran'K's FOUR touchdowns sets a season high and is now the standard for anyone hoping to outscore this cowardly... errr, run-tastic group!

Next match saw Beasts of Rock pay a visit to Khorne Borne in a showdown between two of the Chaos God's favored sons! The lopsided ball possession of 74% for the Nurgle team versus just 11% for the Chaos team speaks volumes about this match! That's just 4 out of a possible 36 turns folks! The block dice were also against Coach Robu in this one, succeeding at just a 37% clip. Still, Chaos never surrenders, and they fought until the end. Sort of resembled the Black Night from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but still, they fought! Meanwhile, the Beast of Rock feel fortunate for the 2 - 0 victory against a solid opponent. But Nuffle is ever-watchful, and his gaze shifts quicker than a sex-deprived man at a strip club!

To wrap up the week, the Woodland Rashes welcomed their more sophisticated brethren the Highhold Avengers to their hippie den. The combined skill of these two squads mesmerized the crowd of Elves who showered the players with praise and awe. Then after the game, everyone just showered together! Though Coach Lawnmower scored 2 late touchdowns to make things interesting, the High Elves passing prowess led to 3 touchdowns and 3 points! Two more players were sent to the league graveyard from this game. Orastien Tanamyr from the Avengers sent Oak to his final resting place, and then in an extreme case of irony, was executed himself at the hands of the spunky Wood Elf Ivy! I'm sure both of these coaches are looking forward to a rematch in the Cup stage!

But don't fret Blood Bowl fans, because the fun just keeps on rolling into Week 2! The Union will play host to the Highhold Avengers in what looks to be another high scoring affair. In a rather unprofessional move, Coach xbeaker has already tried to solicit a Wood Elf hitman in anticipation for this game! Dirty pool old boy, dirty pool! Beasts of Rock will try to use their size and strength against Bedlam's Blackguard wicked Werewolf. The much anticipated Chaos vs. Chaos battle will also be played this week. The Woodland Rashes and Vampz n the Hood each hope to secure their first win of the season when they square off. And finally, Evisceration of the Ran'K hope to keep their momentum rolling against Butts_McCraken! Great start to the season everyone, let's keep it going!
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