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The Nibble Big 10 is Formed!

Deep in the heart of the brutal land of "Pencil-Vania", exists an immortal Coach known only as "Joe."  He looks out over the ominous mountains that surround 
his valley, searching for the Coach who one day might claim his throne.  His team of Lions have dominated the land for as long as anyone can remember, besting all challengers on the Blood Bowl pitch.  But the winds of change are sweeping across these hills, and a new band of Coaches hope to stake their claim on this title... Lord of these mountains, King of the Lions!     Welcome to the Nittany Blood Bowl League (NiBBL)!

Breaking News:

Season 2: Championship Recap

Our first Championship run with an EIGHT team league was a resounding success! So much so that this league will spawn the newly formed NiBBL Big Ten! But before we move forward with our new league, we must do justice to the first iteration of NiBBL!

Our last blog update for Season 2 occurred after Week 5 of the 7 week Championship. The race to the finish was intense, as numerous teams had a shot to claim the title! But thanks to a SLIM week 7 win against the Norse team Ba-Zerka, the Dragon Horde and Coach Larkstar took home the Championship with a total of 16 points! The Lizardmen had a strong season, but showed some flaws down the stretch! Seemly out of nowhere, the Woodland Rashes and Coach Lawnmower snuck into 2nd place with 14 points! Just one loss all season, and no one was able to kill Nightshade! Nicely done! In 3rd place with 12 points was the mighty Khemri team the Ashen Fist. A tough late season loss and then forfeit cost these ancient titans a shot at the title! The Norse warriors Ba-Zerka and Coach Robu finished with a solid 10 points in 4th place. But they lead the league in both Deaths and Deaths caused! Da Basher was able to turn around the early season struggles of the Dark Elf team Villains of Yore to finish tied in 5th place with 8 points. Mr. Spikey and the Gang, also with 8 points, finished up a very strong opening campaign. We expect big things from Coach Xbeaker! Coach Zettal and his Orc team Grr ooo.. puppie rumbled into 7th place with 7 points. The Orcs were in every game, however, and have already made a strong impression with their jump into the original Nittany Blood Bowl League! Rounding out the Elite 8 were the Stirland Swamp Things with 4 points. A tough season for Coach wpc105 and his team of Nurgle-ites, but hope springs eternal, and this unconventional coach will be back for the NiBBL Big Ten!

Thanks for the great Championship run everyone! Here's hoping the first official Season of the NiBBL Big Ten is just as exciting!

Congratulations to me, Coach Larkstar, for taking the crown and not blowing it like I usually do. Wooo!
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