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The Nibble Big 10 is Formed!

Deep in the heart of the brutal land of "Pencil-Vania", exists an immortal Coach known only as "Joe."  He looks out over the ominous mountains that surround 
his valley, searching for the Coach who one day might claim his throne.  His team of Lions have dominated the land for as long as anyone can remember, besting all challengers on the Blood Bowl pitch.  But the winds of change are sweeping across these hills, and a new band of Coaches hope to stake their claim on this title... Lord of these mountains, King of the Lions!     Welcome to the Nittany Blood Bowl League (NiBBL)!

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Season 2: Championship Recap

Our first Championship run with an EIGHT team league was a resounding success! So much so that this league will spawn the newly formed NiBBL Big Ten! But before we move forward with our new league, we must do justice to the first iteration of NiBBL!

Our last blog update for Season 2 occurred after Week 5 of the 7 week Championship. The race to the finish was intense, as numerous teams had a shot to claim the title! But thanks to a SLIM week 7 win against the Norse team Ba-Zerka, the Dragon Horde and Coach Larkstar took home the Championship with a total of 16 points! The Lizardmen had a strong season, but showed some flaws down the stretch! Seemly out of nowhere, the Woodland Rashes and Coach Lawnmower snuck into 2nd place with 14 points! Just one loss all season, and no one was able to kill Nightshade! Nicely done! In 3rd place with 12 points was the mighty Khemri team the Ashen Fist. A tough late season loss and then forfeit cost these ancient titans a shot at the title! The Norse warriors Ba-Zerka and Coach Robu finished with a solid 10 points in 4th place. But they lead the league in both Deaths and Deaths caused! Da Basher was able to turn around the early season struggles of the Dark Elf team Villains of Yore to finish tied in 5th place with 8 points. Mr. Spikey and the Gang, also with 8 points, finished up a very strong opening campaign. We expect big things from Coach Xbeaker! Coach Zettal and his Orc team Grr ooo.. puppie rumbled into 7th place with 7 points. The Orcs were in every game, however, and have already made a strong impression with their jump into the original Nittany Blood Bowl League! Rounding out the Elite 8 were the Stirland Swamp Things with 4 points. A tough season for Coach wpc105 and his team of Nurgle-ites, but hope springs eternal, and this unconventional coach will be back for the NiBBL Big Ten!

Thanks for the great Championship run everyone! Here's hoping the first official Season of the NiBBL Big Ten is just as exciting!

Congratulations to me, Coach Larkstar, for taking the crown and not blowing it like I usually do. Wooo!

Season 1: Championship Recap

Lots of changes over the holidays! New leagues, new coaches, new craziness! Here's the closure to our very first Championship in the Season 1 League you've all been waiting for!

When last we blogged for Season 1, Week 8 had just wrapped up and the Emperor's Finest had a commanding lead! Despite a rocky finish to the season (a 2-1 loss to Da Bloody Teef Boyz and a 2-2 tie against the Rumbling Ents) the skilled Human team was awarded the inaugural Nittany Blood Bowl Championship with 22 points! Da Basher's Orcs certainly made the chase interesting, but early season adjustments left them just off the pace with 20 points. Coach Lawnmower and the Knights of Flowers dodged his way to 3rd place with an impressive 18 points. The Halfling team the Rumbling Ents finished 4th with a respectable 14 points. But their season was absolutely MADE by their week 10 draw versus the Champion! Finishing 5th were the Sewer City Anklebiters with 9 points. The slippery Skaven were truly just coming into a frightening form and would have been a nightmare in the Cup stage! Speaking of nightmares, rounding out the league were those pesky blood sucking Vampires the Counts De Monay with 3 points who look to rebound during the chase for the Tournament Cup!

But now it's time to move on. Sadly, Coach Meglodon and Coach Lawnmower are temporarily withdrawing from the league. But meh, we're over it! We've got new coaches we have to welcome! Coach Xbeaker will step in with his Undead Team Mr. Spikey and the Gang. Also joining the league is Coach Zettal and his rough and tumble Orc team Grrr ooo.. puppie! Both the Emperor's Finest and Da Bloody Teef Boyz will remain to continue their intense rivalry, and as previously mentioned, the Vampire team will remain to creep the rest of us out! The Rumbling Ents will step aside to allow Coach Larkstar to enter the Elf team the Wingmen. So stay tuned for updates from this exciting league!

And Congratulations to Coach Robu and his Emperor's Finest. "For the Emperor!"

Season 2: Week 5

The results are in for the final 3 games from week 5! So let's get to the highlights!

In the match between the Dragon Horde and the Villians of Yore, there were absolutely no highlights! (See what I did right there?) Nada, zilch. This game was so boring, the match rating was only a 10 out of 20! When a computer is telling you that your games are dull and lifeless you know you've hit rock bottom. The game ended in a 0 - 0 tie, with the lone redeeming moment for the fans coming when the Lizardman coach decided to execute his own Skink Yoshi as a penance to the Blood Bowl god Nuffle! Was Coach Larkstar trying to motivate his players, or was he just pissed he couldn't score on a bunch of pale skinned emo-elves? Only time will tell. The Dark Elf coach wasn't able to hand the Lizards their first loss, but escaping from that field without any injures might be the jump start their team needs!

The Stirland Swamp Things paid a visit to Mr. Spikey and the Gang's crib for the next battle of the week (I got to write "crib" on the internets!). Mr. Spikey must have been in a particularly surly mood because he straight up murdered two of the Swamp Things players! The Nurgle squad, never one to back down from a good brawl, did a little curb stomping of their own! In the end, there were 10 total casualties and enough death and mayhem to please both Nuffle and the Allstate guy! Oh, and a few touchdowns were scored too. But who cares about the final score when there's so much destruction going on? The stats will read that the Undead got the win, but really, we are all winners from a match like this!

To close out the week, the Khemri and Orc teams faced off in a contest that more resembled a powderpuff girl game than a Blood Bowl match! Just 1 casualty and 1 touchdown? The coaches of the Ashen First (see image here) and Grrr ooo.. puppie (see image here) should be ashamed of themselves! The least they could have done was execute the fat girls! Still, a result is a result, and with this win the Ashen Fist is just 1 point behind the Dragon Horde for the Championship. Rumor has it the Orc team is growing more and more out of shape from all the puppy snacking they've been up to, and that the coach is pushing a Chiwawa-only diet until the team turns it around!

Week 6 sets up with some interesting matches. The Stirland Swamp Things take on the Villians of Yore in a game that is guaranteed to give one of these two coaches their first win! Unless they tie! Ummm... this game is guaranteed to be played... how's that for a guarantee? The Dragon Horde will meet Grr oo.. puppie in a flex off between the Sauri and the Black Orcs! There's nothing more attractive... I mean powerful looking than all those hot bodies... I mean strong, those strong players rubbing up against... I mean hitting each other! Mr. Spikey will host Ba-zerka in a very intriguing pitch battle. How will a team who loves to kill things do against a team that's already dead? Anyone else just get a mental picture of a bunch of bear-skin wearing Norsemen standing around scratching their heads? And finally, in the primetime match up of the week, the Woodland Rashes will visit the Ashen Fist. How well will those fragile Elves stand up to the mighty Khemri fists? And can the Khemri coach draw up a defense that can handle the Woods Elves' blazing speed? And why am I still thinking about Lizardman and Orc muscles?!?!?!

Just two more weeks to go before a Champion is named and we kick off the Tournament! Coaches will need to step up their game during these critical upcoming matches. A losing team is an angry team, and you don't want to be a coach of an angry team! You might get yourself killed... or worse, fired!

Season 2: Week 4 plus Bonus Coverage

Ba-Zerka and the Villians of Yore already got us started on week 4, and now that the rest of the games have been played, let's have a look back at the week that was!

First up were the two undead teams in a match that would once and for all determine who is the most eeeeeevil. The Ashen Fist traded blow after blow with Mr. Spikey and the Gang... and after the foreplay, they actually played some Blood Bowl! The prediction the two teams would pummel each other to a powdery past was not too far off. NINE total casualties in this one folks. But in the end, the Ashen Fist emerged victorious with a 2 to 0 result. Qetu the Evil Doer, the massive Khemri Tomb Guardian, even scored his first career touchdown! Mr. Spikey's two Mummies have both picked up the Guard skill. So remember, if either one of them get close to you, they DO NOT want to be your friend!

The next match was played between the Wood Elves and the Orcs. Grrr ooo.. puppie controlled the tempo for the majority of the match. Whoever said Orcs couldn't dance, never saw these puppy munchers in action! They were making the Wood Elves look like Twig Elves! But when the Woodland Rashes' backs where against the wall, they turned to the only who could save them! A woman! Wait, wait, wait... seriously? A woman? I refuse to write any more... blah, blah, blah, Nightshade did this, Nightshade did that, Nightshade won the game... and the Wood Elves get their first victory of the season by a score of 2 to 1. That b*tch sure can play Blood Bowl though.

Finishing up the week were the Dragon Horde and the disease spreading Stirland Swamp Things. The heavyweight match-up between the mighty Kroxigor and the powerful Nurgle Beast was all hype as they rarely squared off on the pitch. The disappointed and angry crowd even rioted in a pitch invasion, demanding their money back! The remaining 9000 spectators got to see the Lizardman team show off their scoring prowess to the tune of 3 touchdowns, and the Nurgle team send Lizard after Lizard to the injury box! And then mysteriously, all 9000 onlookers came down with some sort of illness. Coincidence? Check back in week 5 to see if the Swamp Things have 9000 more Twitter followers!


For the second straight week, two teams were so anxious to do battle on the blood bowl field that they kicked off the week early! Or as I like to call it, premature e-jock-ulation! Leading the charge were the Uber-jock Norsemen! I mean, come on, there is no way those guys aren't juicing like Jose Canseco! And sure enough, they racked up another 4 casualties and yet another death! But the Woodland Rashes caused 3 casualties of their own thanks to their rising Treeman star Black Locust! The Wood Elves also brought their rookie Wardancer Belladonna (I think I want to puke!) to the party. When the final whistle blew, the Rashes scratched their way to a 3 to 0 victory. But Ba-Zerka shrugged off the loss and immediately sent word to their next opponent Mr. Spikey that he would be raping and pillaging their entire team come week 6. When head coach Robu was told Mr. Spikey was an Undead team, he said he didn't care! And that's why we love Blood Bowl!

The rest of the week 5 is open for business! The first match will pit the undefeated Dragon Horde up against the skillful Villians of Yore. The Dark Elf coach will stop at nothing in order to claim the honor of being the first to beat the slippery Lizards! The Ashen Fist will play host to the Orc team in yet another potential slug-fest. The second place Khemri need a win to keep pace for the top spot in the league! And Grr ooo.. puppie... well, they probably want more puppies! Lastly, we have an intriguing match-up between two teams that just love to drop the elbow on fallen opponents! Both the Stirland Swamp Things and Mr. Spikey will foul and foul often. I'd be surprised if the Refs even show up for this one!

Have at it everyone! May Nuffle watch over you!

Season 2: Week 3 plus Bonus Coverage

All of the week 3 matches are history, and it's time for the recap! Teams are just beginning to realize their potential now that everyone has a bit of experience on the pitch. Where will teams go from here? Who will be the next star player to rule the Blood Bowl field? Why is there a severed head sitting at my feet?!?! Keep reading to find out!

Grrr ooo.. puppie traveled to Mr. Spikey and the Gang's home turf (graveyard?) in a clash of two of the strongest teams. With the puppy eating Orcs fresh off the death of their Black Orc brother, everyone was wondering how they would stack up against the casualty causing Undead death machine. But resilience was the key to the game as the injuries were kept to a minimum. The teams brawled their way to a 1 to 1 tie. Morglum Goug'Zeye from the Grrr ooo team keeps racking up the MVPs, and the internal investigation on whether or not he has bribed game officials to secure TWO MVPs in just three games notwithstanding, everyone should watch out for this rising star! Ironically, Mr. Spikey hasn't made a single worthwhile play all year! The Undead star is clearly the extremely agile Ghoul Dr. Thadius... but "Dr. Thadius and the Gang" sounds more like a prime time medical-mystery solving drama than a proper Blood Bowl team!

The Ashen Fist returned to their winning ways by throwing the full force of their Tomb Guardians at the Villains of Yore! The home-field Khemri team were outraged to learn that the Blood Bowl field was set up on their ancient burial site and proceeded to remove every Dark Elf they could get their hands on! In fact, we are still missing 17 fans who attended the game. The Villains avoided any serious injury and only allowed one touchdown, but just couldn't keep enough players on the pitch to challenge the Fist. Final score... 1 to 0. Ama the Doubly Evil One sits atop the league lead in casualties for the Khemri, but the Dark Elf Professor Chaos has discovered an elixir of strength! Steroids may have been banned, but elixirs are fair game!

The Norse team Ba-Zerka traveled to Nurgle country for the third game of the week. The Stirland Swamps things surprised the North-men with a mix of finesse and strength, and even intercepted one of Ba-Zerka's pass attempts! But when the Beast of Nurgle was finally toppled, the Norse were able to steal the ball and turn a possible 1 to 1 tie into a 2 to 0 victory! The Nurgle side's #6 Wal-ro may be the Pestigor who seizes the role of team captain! #6 Swamp Thing jersey sales have already risen in anticipation of his first skill up! The Norse gods have been so pleased with the play of Ba-Zerka that they have granted both Rexxor and Robu von Robusan the strength of the gods!

The final game of the week saw the Woodland Rashes play host to the Dragon Horde! Despite a Lizardman blitz before the first turn, the Wood Elves snatched the ball and went from 0 to 1 touchdown in less than 5.5 seconds! The Horde answered with a touchdown of their own, and the thrilling first half ended knotted up at 1 apiece. But while the first half was all about speed, the second half proved to be about strength and toughness. The Rashes valiantly stood up to the Lizardman Sauri, but just couldn't stop the steamrolling Horde! The lizards scored twice more to win the day 3 to 1. The Wardancer Nightshade continues to be a game changer and strikes fear into opposing coaches everywhere! The Lizardman elders are so honored with the team's early season success that they have decided to send in the mighty Kroxigor King Ghidorah to join the team!


Week 4 immediately got under way when Ba-Zerka took their "gun-show" on the road to the Dark Elf arena! The frenzying Norse team forced FOUR Villains into the crowd during the early minutes of the game! The Dark Elves tried to return the favor, and forced one of the Norse warriors off as well. But Ba-Zerka now had the numbers advantage, and despite a gallant effort by the Villains, went to the half with a 1 to 0 lead. To start the second frame, the Dark Elves hit Ba-Zerka square on the jaw (literally, they actually broke a jaw!) and used a combination of speed, strength and agility to tie the match! With only a few turns left, the Villains of Yore were rewarded with a Blitz and rushed into the Norse side of the field. But gutsy play and more favor from the Norse Gods helped the Norse to secure the ball and march down the field for a 2 to 1 victory. It was an epic match that resulted in 6 injuries and yet another DEATH handed out by the brutal Norse squad! These two teams have set the pace for week 4, how will your team respond?!?!

The league calendar shows three more matches for week 4. The Dragon Horde, and King Ghidorah, will host the Stirland Swamp Things. The Beast vs. the Kroxigor! Titan against Titan!!! Then we'll get to see what happens when the two undead teams square off! Here's hoping the Khemri team and the Undead team don't decide to join forces and instead beat each other into a powder paste! Finally, the Orcs will visit the forest home of the Woodland Rashes. How will the puppy munchers fair amongst the trees?

Best of luck in week 4!

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