Nittany Blood Bowl

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Dragon Horde (Lizardman)

The wild lands of Lustria are home to some of the fiercest creatures in the realm!  These Lizardmen were bred as slaves, fought for their freedom, and now prowl the Blood Bowl pitch seeking honor and glory.  The Dragon Horde is the newest team to emerge from the ancient forests.   Their village is renowned as being blessed by the Serpent Gods for the gift they delivered from the sky!  An object of immense size, made from a hard and shiny substance crashed into their village, bringing with it oddities from an unknown world.  Strange boxes displaying moving pictures and sounds became prized possessions among the Lizards!  The village realized that many of the pictures told heroic stories of lizard-like creatures.  Some were even praised in song!  The Elders agreed that any Lizardman promoted to the village team would be given one of these names as tribute to the Serpent Gods and to these lizard heroes from a distant world!  Now it is time to create their own legend, to respect those who fought before them, and to spread the names of heroes like Puff and Dino everywhere!

Coach: Larkstar!
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Ba-zerka (Norse)

Coming from the frozen wastes, a raiding party hit the blood bowl team camp late in the night. The highly drunk Norsemen stumbled upon a chaos camp, where they killed the entire team of chaos (The Khorne Borne) after one of their drunk friends was insulted by a chaos warrior. They had such a good time, they decided to stick around and party with the rest of these crazies….so they captured coach Robu, and made him teach them Blood Bowl. The Norsemen are highly green, but also highly drunk and wild. So look out NiBBL…some hardcore barbarian fun is coming your way.
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The Villians of Yore (Dark Elf)

Word had finally reached the cold island of Naggaroth.
Humans and High Elves claiming top honors in the blood bowl arena. Halflings not only surviving but winning games.
It seemed the Orcs, Skaven, and Vampires had all failed and the races of the Empire were gaining in strength.
Now a new season was beginning and even the reclusive Wood Elves were emboldened by these successes that they have fielded a team.
The Dark Elves could not sit idle any longer. The forces of good MUST be put back in their place.
So they sent word to far Khemri, to the newly risen Undead, to the Chaos forces of Nurgle, and even stirred up another tribe of Orcs to strengthen their presence.
But the Dark Elves were not finished, they were fielding their own team this season and pulled together the most nefarious and dangerous foes to combat the forces of men.
Empire beware, the Dark Elven "Villains of Yore" have come to play on the astro granite and challenge all!
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Mr. Spikey and the Gang (Undead)

Mr. Spikey and the gang are a group of undead 'friends.'  They aren't particularly good at bloodbowl, having only recently learned of the game, and collectively having only the most basic understanding of the rules.  They decided that while touchdowns may elude them, if might be a good place to make some new friends (along with some help from thier necormancer) to join the gang.  If you should ever have the pleasure of seeing Mr. Spikey and the gang on the field, make no mistake, you are going to score points.  Your players will bask in the glory of star player points and challange cups.  But during your orgy of touchdowns, remember not to leave any teammates alone with the gang, or they may just 'convince' him to join up and the next time you see him, he'll be wearing the black rags uinform of Mr. Spikey. And THAT is a win in Mr. Spikey's book.
In the Immortal words of Master Shake "But look, is he gonna be able to chase us? Because if I woke up looking like that, I would just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it."
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Khorne Borne

Blood for the Blood God! Yeah…we are the chosen of Khorne (Chaos god of blood). Play us and prepare to bleed!