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For those newer to the game here are a few basic tips:

1)Do All Non-Dice Roll Moves First
If the Ball is in Range of an opponent always cover it with these moves, protect the ball!

2)Do important 2 dice blocks second!
Do not start your drive off with a big guy unless you are out of rerolls. Do not ever roll dice with him first again unless you are out of rerolls! Your blitz should be the most important and well thought out block of your turn. Your Blitz should always be a 2db if you can make it one and should garner you an important field position.

3)After you have covered the ball and done your 2 dice blocks you should do your important 1d6 ball rolls next. The Ball should be protected so even if you mishandle the ball handling you can recover from this roll next turn.

4)Next, if you feel inclined, do your unimportant gratuitous 1db, but remember that positioning is important, if you fail a 1db you just gave your opponent an opportunity to move a player wherever he wants to freely. Many times it is better to lave a lineman holding a position so the other team can't move their player rather than fail a risky 1db.

5)Don't block with big guys first, dont blitz with big guys unless it is extremely gratuitous both are rookie moves.

6)Foul like a surgeon not like a clubber, foul tactically or strategically and when you do make it count, fouling a 0spp lineman because he was there is lame, fouling the key super-skilled player on the other team is just good sense.

7)Keeping your opponents from scoring Td's and scoring your own are the keys to winning a Blood Bowl Match. Remember this.

Skill Tips:

In the Blood Bowl game Options, you can have the game "ask" you if you wish to choose a skill or not.  For example, in some cases you might NOT want to use the skill Stand Firm on a push back, and thus be pushed away from more danger.  So rather than Stand Firm ALWAYS applying, the game will ask you if you wish to us it.  

To set which skills you want to do this, go to -> Extras and Credits -> Options.  In the bottom right section, click on Optional Skill Preset.  I would NOT recommend selecting "Ask All" as that will really slow the game down.  Some of the skills you will not be able to set, most are grayed out, but some are not.  So don't flip out (Mark) if you can't toggle some of the skills.  =P

Here are the skills I've set to ask:
Diving Tackle Dump Off
Hail Mary Pass
Multiple Block
Pass Block
Piling On
Stand Firm

Toggle Buttons

Some skills you can toggle on a button on the bottom right of the screen.  Hail Mary Pass is one of them, so I keep mine set to on…but toggle it off when wanting to make a better pass.
Robu!  (Note the buttons are not labled..they are round with footballs and arrows on them…I don’t know what the rest do!)